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we live up in a small mining town in the pinal mountains of arizona.  it is a beautiful town and we enjoy the quiet, the quaintness, and the vistas the town has to offer.  and though supporting our community and shopping local is our favorite, online shopping can be our friend too!


we don’t always shop on line,
but when we do we use ebates.  

we love using ebates when we shop online.
get cash back on your online shopping by using ebates.
just sign up/into ebates before shopping. 

search for products, stores, and deals.
click on link, shop, and earn. 
refer friends and earn as welll.
get a big fat check in the mail. 

want to share the love; and share a few pennies with us?
you can use our links for your some of your online shopping . . . 




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thanks.  and happy shopping.

visit here over the next few weeks for
gift ideas for
the wanderluster,
the baker,
the reader,
the biker in your life,
and some hints for him for the boho in his!

peace and love, 
the biker and the boho

happy earth day.


the calendar is not the boss of us.
every day is earth day. 

IMG_20150301_020421 (1)
not just for earth day, but as often as you can. no excuses . . . 
get out
enjoy mother nature
appreciate the quiet
take deep breaths and walks
cook a meal over a campfire
have conversations.  without tech distractions.

and when earth day is done
lay a blanket on the ground
and watch the stars showing off in our arizona sky
mind.  blowing.

support local and national parks. 
create a certified wildlife habitat in your yard
(i did this with my boys for a homeschool project years ago.  so much fun)
one year my sons and i worked at making

happy earth day.
peace, the biker & the boho

calling all local bookshop lovers and aficionados of the carolinas

i have a little dilemma.
i have a client in the carolinas who is ready to launch his book.
i would like to begin liking and following a few bookshops local to mr. hoover. (above)

my dilemma . . . . the biker & i now live in arizona.
albiet, transplants from atlanta,
our small bit of knowledge of the carolinas . . .
a few visits to parris island and camp lejuene hoorah!
{son #2)

and a few hazy memories of charleston, folly beach, cape fear,
the myrtle beaches, and wrightsville beach.

we unfortunately know nothing of local bookshops in the carolinas.

it would be wonderful and appreciated if you would be so kind
as to share your favourite places in the carolinas to find a good read.

be sure to share your local bookshop love
and hashtag the #bookshop and the #city in the comments section of this post
i’ll be sure to pass it on.    pinky promise

ready . . . steady . . . go . . .

#columbia #lexington #sumter #charleston #summerville

#greenville #spartanburg #anderson #asheville #hendersonville

#rockhill #charlotte #gastonia #concord #matthews #beaufort #moreheadcity

#jacksonville nc  #fayetteville #hopemills

#cashiers #highlands

have a lovely week.
peace,  the boho

tie-dye goodness

d.i.y. friday:  tie-dye

a favourite thing to tie-dye: diaper clothes.
they are inexpensive to buy, so they make great practice runs.
they are super soft and versatile.
you can use them to wrap up a few essentials and toss it in an overnight bag,
as hand towels in the bathroom,
and to wrap up shoes and such in your luggage.

here are a few things you can have on the ready:
dye powders, squeeze bottles, rubber bands, plastic gloves,
scissors; clothes line or drying rack

for the soak: tub vinegar (reverse tie dye) soda ash (colour dye)

make a random towel, twin sheet, or pillowcase be your go-to hand wiper.
it helps keep things a bit neater and it’s a cool and unique piece to add to your linen closet.

when we get into a tie-dye mood, nothing is safe.  
items which have fallen “victim’ of the tye-die impulses . . .
– clothes we’ve grown a bit meh of
– sheets
– pillowcases
– duvet covers
– towels

a few other things we love tie-dying almost or as much as diaper clothes  . . . 

for the camping and picnicing hippies:  
-new or upcycled flat sheets
so. versatile.  use it as a tablecloth, a towel, a bed sheet, a fort😉
we use sheets as towels in the summer and always while camping.
they feel amazing on your skin and dry quickly.
-new or upcycled pillow cases
tie-dying these make pretty pillowcases, but with a little craftiness,
your freshly painted pillowcase can be . . .
-a hanging clothes hamper.
-a grocery tote
-a no-sew tote bag.

gifts for the littles:
diaper clothes, onesies, crib sheets, bibs, and baby blankets
small and less costly, good for the beginner.
and they make great gifts or pay-it-forwards to pass on.

pick up soft cottons pretties when you find them on sale.
you’ll appreciate having them on hand when the tie-dye bug strikes.

for tie-dye how to’s, visit:
charming zebra – a great post on tie-dying a tablecloth.

psst, i found this cool bloggers while working on this post.
i love when that happens.
go follow them on your favourite social medianesses.

pretty prudent – how to make a hanging clothes hamper from a pillowcase
charming zebra – how to tie-dye a tablecloth
the vintage sheet blog – vintage pillowcase grocery tote tutorial 
creme de la craft – diy. no-sew tote bag.  from a pillowcase. 

have a happy hippie day, 

peace, the boho

eek. a centipede.

the old man and i were gathering wood for fire and getting camp set up.
he turned over a log and found this bad boy.

in his deep, ‘bad-ass mountain man with southern gentlemanly charm’ voice,
my old man proceeds to tell me about his centipede experience.

when he and his buddy, cw,  were 13ish, they were out flipping logs.

“i’ve seen cw fall out of a tree, break his arm, and not cry.
i’ve seen him rack himself on his dirt bike at least once a week, and not cry.
he was a tough boy.  one day we’re out being boys.
cw flipped a log.  grabbed the cool looking centipede. and got.  lit.  up.”

i believe he followed that with

“he cried like a little sissy girl”

cw said he has never experienced pain like that.
my now bad-ass mountain man was terrified.
he knew from that moment he wanted no part of a centipede bite.
and truth be told,  he had the heeby-jeebies for a few hours after we found this one.

the biker & i camp two to three days a week.  at the very least.
and i hear entertaining tales and learn something new every time we go.
the tale . . . cw and his girlie scream.
the lesson . . . centipedes sting.  millipedes stink.

what to expect if you’ve been bit by a centipede . . .
according to desertusa:

“at the site of the bite, you can expect:

  • Two puncture wounds, one from each of the modified leg claws, and
  • Immediate and sometimes radiating pain as well as redness and localized swelling.

Although the pain may last for no more than several hours to a several days – some compare it to a bee sting – you might suffer more serious symptoms, for instance:

  • Intense itching, local tenderness, headache, swollen lymph glands, dizziness, nausea, palpitations, anxiety and increasing blood pressure, and

  • Local tissue damage.

In addition to the bite, you might also experience small puncture wounds, laced with blister-causing venom, in the tracks where the clawed centipede crawled across your skin.”

that does NOT sound like fun.  what. so. ever. 

how to treat a centipede bite:
according to the article by desertusa,  doctors from the wilderness medical society say:

“…systemic analgesics are standard, and significant doses of narcotics are often necessary to achieve relief. Antihistamines may also be used to alleviate symptoms (such as pruritus [intense itching]). Cleansing of the wound, tetanus prophylaxis [infection preventative], and routine care for any necrosis [dead tissue] are indicated.”

with the exception of the ‘significant doses of narcotics, again, this does NOT sound like fun. 

for extra good measure,
here’s what the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center has to say about a centipede bite:

“A centipede bite will cause local inflammation and pain. Symptoms are frequently short-lived, lasting only a few hours. Although cases of persistent tenderness lasting for several weeks can be found, they are extremely rare. Many centipede bites can be treated at home. If the pain is severe, or lasts longer than 12 hours, relief may be found in an emergency room or urgent care facility.  Call 1-800-222-1222 for additional information.”

visit here for our post on a well-packed first aid kit for summer camping in the sonoran desert. 

happy centipede free camping.

peace, the biker & the boho

#camping crush worthy apps. #traveltech tuesday.

for today’s #traveltech tuesday we wanted to cover
a few #camping crush worthy apps.
there are a lot out there for both ios and android.
the fantastic thing is some work with or without internet
which can come in handy when camping off-the-grid

so before your next camping trip, take a gander at these apps
and if you download from the links provided we can earn a penny or two
just sayin’  :)

ultimate camping app that lets you find Campgrounds, rv parks,
and related services with or without internet.
find campgrounds, rv parks, and related services
use map view to plot up to 150 points at a time
filter maps to view only what you want
check listings for more than 27,000 campgrounds
browse details on amenities, discounts and services

chimani. national parks.
simple interface – interaction with the app using Chimani’s unique interface based on universal national park symbols.
passport stamps – record the years you’ve visit a national park service unit and create a “someday/maybe” list.
someday/maybe – create a “someday/maybe” list of units and parks which you plan to visit.
search – use search engine to find anyone of the 400 units within the app.
details – learn about the rich history in each one of the national park service units
location – view the location of each unit on interactive maps.

sas survival. 

written by former SAS soldier and instructor, John “Lofty” Wiseman,
full text of the bestselling book optimised for the Android (over 400 pages)
free download of 16 videos providing invaluable survival tips from Lofty himself
29 Photo galleries of edible, medicinal and poisonous plants
morse code signalling device
100+ question quiz to test if you’ve got what it takes to survive
survival checklists
sun compass
search tool to scan entire book by subject
extreme climate survival: sections on surviving polar, sesert, tropical, and sea
comprehensive first aid section

first aid. american red cross.
step-by-step instructions guide you through everyday first aid scenarios.
fully integrated with 9-1-1 so you can call EMS from the app at any time.
videos and animations
safety tips for everything, from severe winter weather to hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes help you prepare for emergencies.
instant access to all safety information at anytime, even without reception or an Internet connection.

minute-by-minute weather forecasts for the next two hour.
hyper-localized to your exact street address.
includes precipitation type and intensity, and start and end times
evere weather alerts
weather radar for all of north america and europe, and worldwide satellite overlaying interactive maps
a brief, at-a-glance summary of what you can expect from your local weather
rich weather data including chance of precipitation and amounts, cloud cover, wind speed gusts and direction, times for sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset
realfeel®, AccuWeather’s exclusive weather forecasting system, analyzes multiple weather factors to determine how the local temperature actually feels

sky night walks.  sky map.
names of the stars, constellations and their descriptions
fast reaction speed and high accuracy
a mobile planetarium in your pocket, designed for astronomy fans to explore the universe.
hold up and point your device at the sky.  app will tell you exactly what stars, constellations and deep sky objects you are looking at in real time.
full utilization of the build-in gyroscope, digital compass, and accelerometer drive the best user experience.

star chart. 
augmented reality night sky star gazing (on supported devices).
accurately depicts all the visible stars of the northern and southern hemispheres – a total of over 120,000 stars
fly to and explore all the planets of the solar system, their moons and the sun all rendered in beautiful 3D with state of the art visual effects.
displays all 88 constellations, with constellation imagery based on the beautiful artwork by 17th century astronomer Johannes Hevelius
includes entire Messier catalogue of exotic deep sky objects.

backpacking planner checklist
pre-populated with more than 105 items
add/delete lists
duplicate old lists so you don’t have to start over
add new tasks and items
set alarms to set reminders of to-do’s

smart tools.  android.
complete package of 6 app sets.
5 pro sets. 16 tools.
smart ruler pro: length, angle, slope, level, thread
smart measure pro: distance, height, width, area
smart compass pro: compass, metal detector, gps
sound meter pro: sound level meter, vibrometer
smart light pro: flashlight, magnifier, mirror
unit converter: unit

need more camp crush fixes?
useful coupons for your camp prepardedness
follow our camping crush board on pinterst.
and follow our camping crush list on twitter.

happy camping.
peace, the boho

arizona renaissance festival

a bit delayed,
especially since the amazingly dedicated folk of the arizona renaissance festival
left town a few weeks ago.
{gold star to me for procrastination}

anyway . . . thanks to a little retweet i entered a contest and the fine folks over at the tucson guide picked the biker & the boho to win a family four pack of tickets. after a stop at frys so the rest of the family could grab their tickets at a discount,  we headed out to the arizona renaissance festival.  all 9 of us. my brother, sil, their three little ones, my old man, sons #3 and #4, and me.

it was a first time for everyone except for the biker who went years back and loved it. he was impressed to see how much it had grown since he had been way back in the 80’s.  it is now a “medieval amusement park, a 13-stage theater, a 30-acre circus, an arts and crafts fair, a jousting tournament and a feast — all rolled into one non-stop, day-long family adventure”.

mr. toadstools cornish mushrooms.  adorable.
just one of the many artisans at the festival.

the festival has loads of events to entertain you.
and in between the shows you can browse through the village.
a host to so many fantastic artisans. and food purveyors.

fire whip show.  i hear he’s the fire whip world record holder.
we didn’t manage to see all the shows,
but did hit up the jousting, fire whip, acrobats, and birds of prey shows.
{pic credit: k.m.}

a few notables:

  • there isn’t much shade there. sunscreen/dress accordingly.  or . . . you can always buy a cute parasol.
  • save a couple bucks on tickets at these locations. 
  • no food or drinks from outside, but you can bring in a bottle of water if it is still factory sealed.
  • you can get your hand stamped and return same day.
  • though we didn’t find the food and drinks prices to be very, very reasonable, quenching the thirst and hunger of 9 people, two of them being teen-ager boys, we decided a walk to the vans to grab lunch and a few glasses of sweet tea would be a better plan for us.  we did however snack on a few goodies and frozen lemonade while wandering the park.
  • parking is free.  and organised.  yay.
  • no pets.
  • follow the festival on their facebook page and stay up with the extra events of the day.  we were wondering why there were a lot of dr. who and steampunk fans walking around in costume – it was ‘come as your favourite time-traveler day’.
  • lots of folks come dressed in costume.  if you are so inclined, you should absolutely do so.

dates and times for the 2015 season:
saturdays & sundays
february 6 – march 27, 2016
presidents’ day monday Feb. 15
10am to 6pm – rain or shine
you can buy season passes and get deals on group ticket sales.
they host a pleasure feast.  the menu looks amazing.
visit the royal fairies site for all the details on the festival.

if you happen to be in north carolina in the fall of 2015:
saturdays & sundays
october 3 – november 2
visit here for ticket and event information
10606515_10205198976648365_2832810556808709835_n (1)
so many different ages in our little group, and every one of us had a fantastic time.  we will all be going back again next year. we won’t wait until the last couple weekends of the festival next year though.  we plan on hitting it much earlier in the season, when the weather is a bit cooler.  and who knows – maybe even hit it donning costumes.

let us know your favourites from the renaissance festival.  we would love to hear them. have a great rest of the weekend.   see you next spring at the faire!

hoozah!  the boho.

thanks again to the tucson guide for the tickets.  it made the day that much better!

doTerra. whisper.

my absolute new favourite perfume and essential oil
whisper from doTerra
it has so many of the oils i love in one little bottle.
when you put it on, it is unique to you. no other woman will smell quite like you.
your body chemistry picks and chooses which oils you are going to show-off.
my old man totally digs it.  he loves the subtle scent of patchouli on my skin.

the doTerra site describes the aroma as musky, warm, spicy, soft, sweet
i say they’re spot on, but add subtle and sexy to their list.

whisper is a blend of:
bergamot peel
ylang ylang flower
patchouli leaf
vanilla bean absolute
jasmine flower absolute
cinnamon Bark
vetiver root
hawaiian sandalwood
cocoa bean absolute
rose flower

and you can bet i’ll be making a couple beauty goodies with the whisper blend.
for starters . . .

for our road trippin’ and camping days, some dry shampoo
ingredients:  cornstarch, baking soda, a few drops of essential oil, and a jar.
visit small home big start for recipe. 

for my ‘new to arizona’ dry skin,
homemade coconut oil lotion.
ingredients:  coconut oil, vitamin e, a few drops of essential oil, a mixing bowl, and a jar.
visit little house living for recipe. 

if you are into subtle scents, this is for you.
find your local doTerra dealer and order you up some.  like today.
if you don’t know a doTerra rep, hit me up, i’ve got an awesome oil connection😉

have a lovely night,
peace, the boho

lemonade. that cool refreshing drink.

it is in the 80’s and 90’s this week in sunny az.
and we are loving every degree of it.

all those fresh lemons we juiced are coming in handy now.
{not sure how to freeze fresh lemon juice, here are some tips}

yesterday we had some grapefruits that were very ready to juice,
so i decided to make lemon/grapefruit/honey lemonade.
a yummy decision.

lemon/grapefruit/honey lemonade
1 1/2 c fresh lemon juice
1/4 c sugar
5 c water
1/4 c honey*  (if you like it less tart – add 1/2 c honey)
juice of 2 large grapefruits

*use raw local honey to help with all those spring pollen allergies

my honey (a.k.a. the biker; a.k.a. my old man)  made honey lemonade a couple weeks back.
it was insanely refreshing and delicious.

honey lemonade
1 1/2 c fresh lemon juice
1/4 c sugar
5 c water
1/2 c honey

fresh lemonade is always good,
it is almost nirvanic on a sunny day
here on my brothers back patio,
the sounds of the birds and the scent of jasmine in the air
make working feel soooo not like working.

visit here for a few more refreshing lemonades. 

you won’t regret it.
be sure to let us know which one is your favourite.
(the peach or blackberry lemonade is next on our to-make list)

for more lemon lust, visit my board over on pinterest.
and here for even more lemon filled love.  

have a bright day,
peace, the boho